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Radiation Control Technician Training Program

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Radiation Control/Health Physics Technicians are the backbone of the Nuclear Industry!

Why Train to be a Radiation Control Technician?

As many Department of Energy (DOE) Facilities are decommissioned and restored back to the environment, there is a great need for Radiation Control Technicians (RCTs). The commercial nuclear power industry needs RCTs as well. SES, Inc. trains the student in area of basic mathematics, calculator use, basic atomic structure, up to and including the use of radiation detection instruments. This course is recognized and approved by the Department of Energy.

Spent Fuel Pool Bridge allows personnel to position fuel and control rods during refueling activities on the Spent Fuel Floor.


A brief description of the Radiation Control Technician Training Program:

Radiation Control Technicians (RCTs) are required to be trained to the level of knowledge and skills necessary for conducting their assigned tasks. Qualifying the technician for handling any situation that may arise may requires a more extensive level of training. The initial training program ensures that RCTs are trained to meet performance requirements using a systematic approach to training. The amount of classroom instruction may vary depending on the initial knowledge and skill level of the trainee. Initial qualification is typically broken down into two phases:


Phase One: Academic Training

  • Consists of a standard foundation of academic training which encompasses specific learning objectives divided into two sections: Core Academics (13 modules and Core Overall Exam) and Site Academics (19 modules and Site Overall Exam).
  • RCT trainees shall be required to successfully complete examinations on the materials covered in each of the Core and Site Academic modules. Three opportunities are given per test to achieve 80% on each exam. If a student fails to achieve 80% after three opportunities, then the student is dropped from the course.


Phase Two: Job Performance Measures (JPMs)

  • Consists of applied on-the-job scenario training that provides the RCT trainee with the adequate job performance skills. The objectives of the academic training in Phase One provides the basis for the skills and tasks to be performed in Phase Two training. Phase Two uses a mixture of classroom and applied (hands on) training. RCT trainees are taught to apply academic knowledge to specific tasks.


Student Career Objectives:

The student graduates with Certificates of Department of Energy for Core Academics, Site Academics (including Job performance Measures), and Forty-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Training.

  • 5000 hours of apprenticeship toward becoming an ANSI 3.1 Senior Health Physics Technician. While working apprenticeship, the Junior RCT/Junior Health Physics Technician earns $45 to 50,000.00 take home pay.
  • Once a Junior RCT/HP attains Senior RCT/HP status, the now recognized Senior RCT/HP can be hired by many DOE Sites and Commercial Nuclear Power Plants. Senior Contract RCT/HP Technicians earns $70 to 80,000.00 take home.
  • If our graduates choose to apply for power plant permanent HP Techs positions, our graduates can earn $60 to 80,000.00 per year gross.
  • If our graduates choose to continue their education into a bachelors degree, our graduates can earn $80 to 100,000.00 per year gross as a Radiological Engineer/ALARA Technicians.
  • Further promotions to Supervisor and Health Physics Manager can attain gross pay of >$100,000.00 per year.

Our six month program can provide a new career for you. The requirements to take our course are a high school diploma or GED and you have met our security questionnaire. If you are unemployed or low income, you may qualify for free tuition through the Work Force Investment Act Program. SES, Inc. offers a student loan program for in-class students.

  • Course cost is $8,000.00 with the Forty-Hour HAZWOPER class included. Without HAZWHAZWOPE $7,800.00
  • Self-Pace Course cost $3,765.00 with Forty-Hour HAZWOPER class included. Without HAZWOPER: $3,565.00


SES, Inc. is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Run Business

If you want a challenging career that allows you to see the rest of the United States, the Health Physics Industry is for you.

Shawnee Environmental Services, Inc. offers a student loan program for students wishing to take the in-class training program.





Enroll today for our next Live online Radiation Control class. Our onLine RCT Course costs $8,000.00. SES, Inc. has student loans for our students.

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